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The Role of Environmental Factors in the Origins of Chronic Illness:

A Perspective for Understanding the Role of Psychotherapy

February 24th, Boulder 6:30-8:30pm

Location: Boulder Psychotherapy Institute, based in the home of Dr. Betty Cannon 1140 Lehigh, Boulder

Attendees: Psychotherapists, hypnotherapists, students, ...


Handouts and Additional Information:
Nervous System & Symptoms (PDF 80K)
4 Phases in Origins of Chronic Illness (PDF 130K)
Exercises for Working with Symptoms (PDF 50K)
Treatment Approach (promoting self-regulation) (PDF 60K)
Book List (PDF 60K)
References & Articles (re chronic illness...; includes references on use of hypnotherapy & EMDR in treating childhood asthma).


This presentation provides a mind/body perspective for understanding the role of environmental factors in the origins of chronic illness such as ms, diabetes, and chronic fatigue. A model linking stress, trauma, and the role of early relationships will be introduced, along with an experiential exercise and case examples.

Veronique Mead, MD, MA is a somatic psychotherapist who works with individuals with chronic illness to foster mind/body dialogue and enhanced self-regulation. She draws from our increasing awareness of the impact of environmental influences on the development of the nervous system to offer new perspectives. These concepts help better understand non-genetic contributions to origins of chronic physical illness. Her background as a family physician informs this work.


1140 Lehigh:
Table Mesa west of Broadway about 1 mile to Lehigh.
Left (south) on Lehigh x two blocks.
Park on Bear Mountain Drive alongside the park.

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